Act of God
Acts of God
The Acts Of God
Is There a God-?
What are Acts of God-?

Read your insurance policy and be sure you understand the “Acts of God”.
Be sure that you have “Insurance Coverage” for The Acts of God.
Loss Control Consultants may be a good source of insurance information.

Who believes In God-?
Who believes in God but not Jesus-?
Who believes in God but not Religion-?

Some tragedies are now being Re-Labeled as “man-made events” and are being moved out from the “legal status’’ of “Acts of God”. These tragedies may establish different liabilities if not included in the existing “-terminology-” of Act of God. For example “Sink Holes” – “Mud Slides” – “Seismic Activity” / “Ground Shaking”.

Insurance companies believe in Global Warming
Insurance companies believe in Climate Change
Insurance companies believe in God

While some of us may not believe in God,
insurance companies ”Lead-The-Way” in the belief that there is a God.
God may, or may not, be pleased with this “official group” that Proclaims His Existence – we don’t know.

Many people believe that God’s plan was for the “Church” to be the official group that would proclaim that there is a God.

However, the “official word” from the Insurance Companies is that if something happens so BIG that MAN Can’t Stop It, then, it “Must Be GOD”. It also means that people should buy Insurance Coverage if they want to be covered for these Acts of God.

If you try to fight your insurance company over this issue or this terminology, or whether there is not, or whether there is, a God that is over us all and who rules over the world, and the world events, YOU “WILL” PROBABLY “LOOSE”.

Your Insurance Company may not have Religion, but will proclaim - Act of God - if you have property damage or a property loss from a violent storm, violent disaster or what is considered, by the insurance company, to be a Natural Event - Natural Phenomena - Natural Catastrophe or “Act of God”..

*** Such as:
Earthquakes - Seismic Activity /
Ground Shaking
Tidal Waves - Tsunami,
Lightning strikes,
Mud Slides,
Sink Holes,
Volcanic Eruption,
Fire Damage – Caused by any of the above.
-------------------- and --------------------
** “ Unforeseeable Forces of Nature ” **(Many Commercial Situations have found insurance coverage through The Lloyd's of London Market Place)

Unfortunately, the phrase “Act of God”, used by the - insurance companies -, appears to only Give Credit To God for these natural disasters, tragic events, or what appears to be natural evil.
However, many people who – “SURVIVE” - these types of events - Give Thanks to God - even before they give thanks to their - Insurance Agent - who made sure that they had the - Proper Insurance Coverage - to apply to the Event.
Some who survive these types of events call it a “Miracle”.
Others who survive these types of events call it “Divine Intervention”.
Who’s right-?

Do insurance companies read the Bible-?

Many of those who read the scriptures for interpretation, remind us that the scriptures state that God may allow a “tragedy” to occur, and that God causes “His sun” to rise on- the evil, and on the good, and, that he causes “His rain” to fall- on the just, and on the unjust.
What we all know is that “tragedies” do happen. Be sure that you are properly protected with the right insurance coverage for the right situation – don’t let Religious belief or -non-belief- stand in your way.
Read-> Your “Insurance Policy” - get a "Loss Control Inspection" - and then - "Just Like The Preacher" - Call Your “Insurance Agent” and talk to your Insurance Agent to be sure you understand the “Acts Of God”. 

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